Turn to Experts For Help Relieving Dental Anxiety in San Antonio  

Dental fear doesn’t have to stand in the way of a beautiful smile. When you’re nervous about your dental care, don’t visit just any dentist office – visit one that’s experienced in relieving dental anxiety in San Antonio. Skilled and compassionate treatment from Dr. Philip Miner will:

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  • Calm your nerves so you can receive beneficial smile care.
  • Reduce your anxiety about future dental care. After your first visit, you’ll feel like an old pro!
  • Prevent cavities, gum disease, and other oral problems that could cause damage.
  • Make you feel good that you’re taking steps toward a healthier mouth and more attractive smile.

Get your smile in shape! Call our team today at (210) 610-8505 to schedule your appointment for relaxing dental care. We’re located on the northwest side of San Antonio, convenient for residents in and near the 78213 ZIP code.

Experience Comfortable Treatment with Dental Sedation

Some patients who are especially anxious about going to the dentist will benefit from sedation. Here at Miner Dental, we offer inhaled sedation using laughing gas. This method of sedation offers effective help at calming the most anxious of nerves. It is FDA approved and completely safe, even for kids!

Expert administration of sedation is the key to helping our patients get the most out of it. You’ll breathe in the laughing gas through a comfortable mask. In a matter of minutes, the gas will begin to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling all over. Pretty soon, the thought of being at the dentist office won’t bother you at all.

At the end of your appointment, we’ll remove the mask, and in no time, you’ll feel completely normal again and able to drive yourself home.

Enjoy All of Our Amenities

Patients love visiting us! Not only does our office feel more like a living room than a health care facility, but we go out of our way to offer you a variety of feel-good amenities that create a touch of home:

  • Neck and leg pillows for support and comfort.
  • Warm blankets to take any chill off.
  • Massage chairs to help your entire body relax.
  • TVs for diversion and entertainment.
  • Noise-canceling headphones so you can relax and drift away.
  • Lavender- or lemon-scented face towels after your procedure.

Visit an expert team for help relieving dental anxiety in San Antonio. Call us today to schedule your appointment: (210) 610-8505. You can also request an appointment online.

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