Restore Your Gums With San Antonio Gum Disease Treatment

If you’re experiencing red, swollen gums that bleed when you brush, you could have gum disease. However, your gums could be in trouble without you even knowing it. Don’t risk it – put your oral health in Dr. Philip Miner’s hands. If you do need gum disease treatment in San Antonio, our care will let you:

  • Smile confidently without fear or embarrassment.
  • Enjoy a healthy, bright smile.
  • Brush your teeth without discomfort or bleeding gums.
  • Help you avoid gum damage and tooth loss.

Call Miner Dental today for a gum inspection: (210) 610-8505. You’ll find our friendly office on Northwest Loop 410 near Blanco Road – in the same building as Webster University.

Don’t Risk Your Oral Health

If your gums are suffering, don’t fear. With more than 30 years of dental experience, Dr. Miner has helped many patients with their gums. He can help you, too! Call us soon if your gums aren’t in the shape they should be.

Gum disease begins as bacteria that are allowed to remain on your teeth. These germs feed on sugars contained in the foods you eat and beverages you drink. A sticky substance known as plaque then develops and, if left untreated, can eventually form tartar that will need a professional teeth cleaning to remove.

Over time, pockets of infection can form below the gumline between your teeth roots and gums. At this point, your mouth could be on a collision course with significant gum damage and even tooth loss.

Depending on the condition of your gums, we have two great methods to treat them and help them begin healing. Deep cleaning treatment will remove plaque and infection from below the gumline and smooth your tooth roots to help prevent reinfection.

We also offer gentle treatment using a low-power dental laser. This innovative technique safely removes bacteria and damaged gum tissue, resealing the gums at the same time. There is no cutting involved, and the procedure is pain-free. Dr. Miner will determine which treatment method will work best for you.

Gum disease treatment in San Antonio will get your gums healthy again. Call us today to schedule your appointment: (210) 610-8505.

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