3 Reasons To Fight Gum Disease & How To Win! [BLOG]

Our team at Miner Dental wants to do all we can to help our patients keep their teeth and gums strong and healthy for a lifetime, and part of that means educating you about gum disease prevention.

And what better time than now as we celebrate Gum Disease Awareness Month!

3 Reasons To Fight Gum Disease!

You have many reasons to fight gum disease, but here are three we know you’ll find quite compelling!

*To Save Your Teeth*

Do you know what leads the pack in the causes of tooth loss?

You guessed it… gum disease!

When plaque buildup hardens into tartar, a bacterial infection can form under and around your gumline. It will eat through the gum tissues, pull your gums away from your teeth, and weaken the structures that support your teeth. If you lose one tooth but still don’t treat the gum disease, it will continue to deteriorate your jawbone and gums, taking your teeth with it one by one.

Even though you can replace missing teeth with dental implants and maintain a healthy smile, nothing will ever work as well as your natural teeth, so you don’t want to let gum disease get that far!

*To Save Your Oral Health*

Gum disease takes time to cause the damage to your jawbone and gum tissue that leads to tooth loss, but if you let it sneak up on you by letting oral hygiene and dental appointments fall through the cracks, it could easily advance to the point of no return.

Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease, which we can reverse with deep, nonsurgical treatment and more frequent checkups until your gums are healthy again.

But if gum disease advances, you could develop periodontitis, which isn’t reversible. All you can do at that point is manage it with help from the dentist.

*To Save Your Life*

With all the research coming out in recent years about gum disease, there’s no longer any question about the impact it can have on your overall health.
In fact, preventing the spread of bacterial infection that starts in your mouth can actually save your life!

Gum disease has been linked to systemic inflammation, chronic depression, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, among other serious health problems.

You Can Win The Fight Against Gum Disease!

Treating gum disease doesn’t mean you have to undergo an invasive procedure with a scalpel, pain, and drawn out recovery time. Our modern dental office uses advanced tools and techniques so your gums can be restored gently and comfortably. Using a low-power dental laser, we can get rid of bacteria around and under your gums, remove any damaged tissue, and seal them back up stronger and healthier than ever!

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Gum disease is sneaky and destructive, which is why if you want to beat it, you have to fight with everything you’ve got.

But you’re not fighting alone!

Our team at Miner Dental is here to help you with thorough cleanings and exams, early detection technology, and effective laser gum disease treatment to keep your mouth healthy for a lifetime!

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