3 Reasons To Get A Midsummer Smile Makeover! [BLOG]

You have plenty of summer left to enjoy, full of casual get-togethers and special occasions to celebrate. Dazzle everyone with a stunning new smile with help from your cosmetic dentist at Miner Dental! Here’s Why It’s A Great Time For A Smile Makeover! Here are just a few reasons to consider a midsummer smile makeover in San Antonio: #1 - A HEALTHY MOUTH It often surprises patients to ...

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Don’t Spend The Summer With Damaged Teeth! [PHOTO]

There’s way too much fun to be had during the summer months to let damaged teeth keep you from eating comfortably and smiling confidently. That’s why you should visit Miner Dental in San Antonio, TX! Just like we did for the patient in today’s before and after photo, we can fix damaged, worn teeth with restorative dentistry so you can have a healthy, bright smile again! Find the ...

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Are You Ready To Break Free From Dental Anxiety? [QUIZ]

Celebrate a new kind of freedom this July by overcoming your dental anxiety in San Antonio, TX! Our compassionate team, comfort amenities, and inhaled sedation can all help make you feel more at ease during dental appointments so you can get the treatment you need for a healthier smile! Take today’s quiz to see if you’re ready to let go of the fear that keeps you from the healthy mouth ...

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Give Your Teen A Better Smile With Invisalign! [BLOG]

We all remember what it was like being a teenager. Those years can be pretty tough! All the usual challenges kids face, like teasing, peer pressure, and the desire to fit in, can be even harder if your child has crooked teeth and is constantly feeling insecure about their smile. They could wear traditional metal braces, but that might make your teen feel even more self-conscious about their ...

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Is My Sleep Quality Suffering This Summer? [QUIZ]

Summer is fun, especially for parents and grandparents who can spend quality time with the kids while they’re out of school. But if you’ve noticed a gradual drop in your energy level, you might need to stop and take a closer look at your sleep quality. Take today’s quiz, courtesy of your friends at Miner Dental in San Antonio, to see if you might be suffering from sleep apnea. ...

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Cosmetic Dentistry From Simple To Sophisticated [VIDEO]

Because everyone has completely different ideas about what makes a beautiful smile, your friends at Miner Dental are here to provide a wide range of cosmetic dentistry options to suit your particular needs. Hear Dr. Miner explain your cosmetic dentistry options in San Antonio, from simple to sophisticated, for a bright, confident smile you’ll love! Start your smile transformation this ...

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3 Reasons You Might Need A Mouthguard This Summer [BLOG]

Now that summer is just about here, you shouldn’t have to worry about chronic pain, sleep deprivation, or damaged teeth! You should be out enjoying the season pain-free, and our team at Miner Dental can help you do that with our custom mouthguards! Reasons To Get A Custom Mouthguard Now! Here are three reasons to visit your San Antonio dentist this summer that can help you live a ...

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3 Perks Of Professional Teeth Whitening! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Preparing for a special event this summer? Make sure your smile shines and visit Miner Dental for professional teeth whitening treatment! Our quick in-office and easy take-home options make brightening your smile safe, simple, and effective! Check out our infographic to learn three perks of whitening your teeth with the professionals instead of using a store-bought product. Then be ...

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Turn Your Dingy Smile Around With Teeth Whitening! [PHOTO]

Our social calendars really start to fill up this time of year, which means it’s time to brighten up your smile the fast, easy way! Check out today’s before and after image from our Miner Dental smile gallery to see how we turn dingy smiles around in San Antonio! With our safe, effective teeth whitening treatment, you’ll be ready to wow every crowd this summer with your radiant new ...

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Oral Cancer Risks You Can Actually Avoid [BLOG]

In honor of Oral Cancer Awareness Month, our team at Miner Dental is devoting today’s blog to ways you can minimize your risk for this disease and keep yourself healthy! One has to do with behaviors you can avoid to keep your mouth safe, and the other is remembering to get routine oral cancer screenings in San Antonio, TX! An important thing to keep in mind about oral cancer is that it ...

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